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January 2nd, 2006, 10:59 AM

I've bought a logitech remote. I've chosen the harmony 675. I want to control my PC with this remote. In addition, I've bougth a IR reciever. I've installed the Igor USB Drivers and the Igor USB Plugin (Igor USB XP). I use Girder 4.0 (30day trial). I use the streamzap remote profile on my harmony remote.

I can't control my PC, because of a problem with the IR commands that are sent by the logitech harmony remote. Everytime I press a key on my remote, Girder recieves multiple IR commands, controlling the PC is not possible. I'll get some conflicts, because the IR commands overlap themselve!

How can I fix this problem?

Thanks for your help.

January 8th, 2006, 08:49 PM

try setting an anti-repeat-time in the plugin and in the event properties.

January 9th, 2006, 10:38 AM
I've changed the settings. The delay is set to 500ms. The logitech support try to help me, too. They've done some changes to the profile, I use. I use the streamzap profile. The problem isn't solved yet.

If I press a key on my remote, it send one command to the ir reciever. If I press the same key again, it send another command that isn't the same than the first. That's my problem.

I try another "normal" remote. I can control my PC with this remote, but this isn't my goal. The logitech remote has to work correctly.

Does anyone here have any ideas?

Thanks a lot.

January 9th, 2006, 01:34 PM
Your remote is sending what is known as rc5/6 codes. They alternate every button press. Maybe try a different profile other than streamzap