View Full Version : Girder 4 - Help for a Newbie - X10, Powerlinc USB

January 11th, 2006, 12:07 PM
I have Netremote up and running for control of MC11, including some customized ccf's.

I know there are many posts that cover these topics, but I am swimming in information that I am not sure applys to my situation or not. And there's a bit too much to connect the dots.

I have recently installed Girder 4 and am trying to find out more about how to get basic control of x10 through the Powerlinc USB.


There is a plugin that installs with the program, and one that is posted on the site. Do I need both, or only the one that comes installed as p[art of the program?

Within Girder, How to I tell it (for expample) to turn on N10 to 50%? How to I tell it to turn a scene on or off.

How do I send the same from Netremote? (what would the sommand string be for a button)

There are some gaps in the manuals, and I am trying to find my way through, for Netremote CCF's I was able to see what people did within Tonto and figure it out.

I was going to try working with the GML for the Jlee2.0 netremote skin (which I based my skins on), but there is alot in the manual that says Girder 3 gml, lua etc may not work in Girder 4.

Helo is appreciated.



January 11th, 2006, 12:45 PM

Start with using the powerlinc.dll recently post here. it includes a fix that will be in the next G4 release.

Goto to the settings page, automation,x10. Configure you x10 devices here.

To send commands, open a gml, goto the action tree and open the x10 folder. you can add commands for your devices here or just send x10 commands directly.