View Full Version : WISHLIST: write software for the coming SonyEricsson P990i

January 16th, 2006, 06:59 AM
It will be featuring:
-3G (broadband)
-AND Wi-Fi

So now can you please write some good, easy to use software for the Symbian 9.1 operating system?

Or does any good software exist already?

I am now using the P910i, and I have found & tested this:

However, it's very simple and non-user friendly. It worked for my Philips TV, but nothing else... IR distance was no problem. The real problem is the jungle of different devices and their specific IR-codes.

What I want to buy: A software/USB/wizard based solution similar to the one of Logitech for the 885 remote. Plus the Wi-Fi/mediacenter ability. With all this in place through some good software I would need NO remotes - just my mobile :lol:

Can you do it guys? I'll buy it!!! :D