View Full Version : Using Girder with Whole House Audio Keypad

January 31st, 2006, 07:20 PM
I plan on using Netremote, Girder, in-wall keypads and a Pocket PC to control my whole house audio system. The music will come from a dedicated PC running JRMC receiving commands from the Pocket PC (via Net Remote) or Girder receiving IR from the keypads. My questions are:

1) Can JRMC play items based on a partial search? Since it is hard to type out a whole title/artist/album using a numeric keypad, can I type "Natalie" and have it play "Natalie Cole" and "natalie Imbruglia"? Can I also configure it to play just the first matching entry?

2) Can JRMC in conjunction with Girder do a search using a numeric keypad? This would be an alternative to using a plug-in I saw which require you press each numeric key to correspond to the letter on the button (A=1 press, B=2 presses, c=3 presses etc.). I am saying can I press 2 (ABC) and 3 (def) and it figure out all possible matches like songs starting with:
"AD", etc..... (on a phone pad 2 has "ABC" on it and 3 has "DEF" on it)

January 31st, 2006, 10:33 PM
re 2: should be able to mimic with girder.

best solution -> buy a few more ppc's :D