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February 26th, 2006, 04:28 AM
Hi All,
check OUT a web based system called AutoHome
Open source
Its asp-sql2000 vb based system.
IT works with USBUIRT Device only.

The interface is web based and the back end is a windows vb6 service.
its open source and hence can be modified and used in any way.
It comes with a full user manaul.

here is the url for full source (666kb)

Here is the over view..
AutoHome is a Home Management System that lets you schedule the devices and appliances like Television, DVD Player, CD player, AC, Lighting and any other device that has an infrared remote.
The AutoHome is web enabled interface makes easy logon and usage of the AutoHome system.
The AutoHome front end is designed in ASP and the database is SQL Server 2000.
The AutoHome Service has been designed in VB6 which runs as a Windows services.

AutoHome has a wide variety of features which helps the administrators and users to interactively send commands to devices and for creating programs or sequence of steps for interacting with various devices.
For Example, every day when you come home at 19:00 you have to do some manual task like switching on lights of room, switching on the AC, Playing a specific track from the CD player and the searching on the TV for Specific Channel for Specific Show that was on air for that day.
All these can be programmed in advance as a single program and then used in scheduler to schedule.
It very easy to setup sequence of device steps called program by just clicking on the button and saving it.
Once done the schedule will control these activities automatically and you will have an intelligent home.
This is a web based system and if your computer/system is connected to internet always, you can control your home from any where.
It also has login feature and hence only you can log on and hence your home is safe.
Virtually you can add any number of devices to this system and all can be controlled.
You can even control remote control toys like Roboraptor and RoboSapien and any infrared based remote control toys.


This Release is a major upgrade to the V1 system,
It includes IR Recieve Trigger function and also Learning system.
The User interface is made more friendly.
It makes the full use of USB UIRT
It can now recieve remote signals and can process them to launch programs/exe on your PC..
as well as you can schedule a mix of devices and pc programs..
the transimt function has been improved and scheduler code has been re written with clarity..
It has a more user freindly interface and configuring devoce is fast..
check it ouT!!! This will slove most of your home automation problems!!

PS :

OS Date format should be set to MM/DD/YYYY
IT works with USBUIRT Device only.

but you dont need any software like gilder etc.

Only autohome and USBUIRT with its driver is enough to automate all your infrared based devices.