View Full Version : How to use events?

March 6th, 2006, 04:14 PM
Either the user manual isn't very complete on the use of events, I haven't found the answer right under my nose, or I'm not too bright and can't figure out the obvious. :D

Anyway, I'm having trouble trying to use events. For example, I've set up a folder that will remove files from the Winamp playlist window and ask to open a new directory for files. This involves the command which emulates clicking remove + remove all, followed by the command that emulates clicking add + add dir, and then a focus. Works fine when I test it. But how do I trigger it???

The application is for car use. So I don't want to be driving down the road clicking all these small buttons on the touchscreen. I'd prefer to simply click a single icon. If there was a way to create an icon in the windows quick launch bar to trigger this, or even better, to be able to click the add button in Winamp and have it do the remove+remove all+add+add dir sequence, then that would be ideal. But I can't figure out how to do this!

Does anyone have any advice or know of any resources that will help me figure this out?