View Full Version : Newbie: Need help with CDJ Interface (SendMessage?)

March 11th, 2006, 12:57 PM
Hi all,
First time use here. Firstly, I am unable to get 4.0 running on my machine reliably (CPU pegged, and errors), so I am using 3.3.
I have few commands already mapped out to the Slink and that is working well, along with some other OS interfaces.

I have searched in vain trying to find some info on interfacing to CDJ (please spare me the "Switch to ripped CDs" speech, 11x400 boxes here and a ton of work on the DB). So either way I would of assumed that there would be a GML file somewhere, but am now thinking that the lack of one means I am out of luck.

I have played around with capturing events when I issue commands to CDJ (i.e. Skip to next rack in play list), and believe I can see some data that is pertinent, but am unable to understand how to play them back in Girder (if that makes sense, new to this part for sure and have little idea what I am doing).

I have searched for a CDJ GML file to no avail, am I barking up the wrong tree? Or is it possible to start working with the capture of the CDJ events, and playing the back with Girder? I guess I am looking for a bump in the right direction, or some type of intro/newbie guide to the entire event/capture process.

My main goal here is to get Net Remote running on the Airpanel here, using CDJ and Girder.

Thanks in advance,