View Full Version : UIRT transmitting is flaky and inconsistent - any ideas

April 23rd, 2006, 11:43 PM
I'm having consistent 'inconsistency' with sending IR through NR to a USB-UIRT.

I have been using it for control of my TV and Tivo- setup is not the issue, everything works- but the IR transmission is flaky as hell.
Sometimes the code signal works to activate the equipment, and sometimes it doesn't.
I'm using the same IR codes with my TheaterMaster MX700, which is rock-solid reliable with sending IR.

I'm going NR passthrough to NRIR server (I was using G4 but my trial expired- I had the same problem going through G4) - it seems to be an inconsistency with how NR is sending the IR out- either that or the USB-UIRT is flaky. I even went as far as to put a sticky emitter from the UIRT to the front of the IR eye of my TV. But that did not help-

I can tell something is amiss by looking at the flashing emitter light- sometimes I press an IR button in NR, and the IR emitter does a brief 'blip' or a series of slow 'blips' - other times I press the same IR button and I get a good fast 'pulse' which is a bit longer in duration. either way, the 'blip' or the faster 'pulse' sometimes makes things work, sometimes doesnt.
I've tried specifiying multiple actions for each button in NR, to simulate multiple button presses- doesn't help.
It's maddening because I can't get any of the IR sending from NR to be consistent like my MX700!

Has anyone else experienced this?