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May 4th, 2006, 07:03 PM
Q. How do I turn off this weather that pops up?

A. Files->Settings->Weather, uncheck Enable Weather retrieval.

Q. Girder slows down startup of Windows

A. We have heard this a few times from People running ATI catalyst drivers. Apparently it's the Catalyst Center that
takes all that time and freezing all other apps including Girder making it look like Girder is the culprit.

After removing all cli*.exe (=Catalyst) entries from startup Girder is alive within a few seconds.

Q. Girder Doesn't shut down after I click exit

A. This can be a few things but let's start with these:

1. If you are using the Generic X10 Remote plugin this sometimes causes the trouble. Kill x10nets.exe before restarting Girder and it should work.
2. Disable all plugins and exit Girder. If Girder exists normally start enabling plugins you need. (Note, that you'll probably need the TreeScript plugin even if you don't think you do.)
3. Download DebugView ( google ), and see what the last plugin was that is being attempted to unload. (Advanced users).

Update from Girder 3.3 Tips by (rkirmeier)

1. Netremote payloads/variables now arrive in pld3 instead of pld2.

2. All Eventstrings using "Internet Event Server" strings showed up as Event Device "203" and did not work. After figuring out "Raw: Communication Server " was the "new" Internet Event Server I did a little diggin and found this is represented with Device="232" in the gml file. So I simply opened the gml file in a text editor and did a search (Device="203") and replace (Device="232"). Now all my eventstrings are using the correct device.

3. Serial support has changed alot. If you use serial support you now need a device config lua file in the plugins\serial folder for your device. I found a simplle serial device and was able to modify it to my needs. simpleserial.lua file attached below.

4. If a serial device shows up under the serial tab but when you goto add a send serial comand and it does not show up you maybe missing a "GlobalName" in the serial device lua file. This threw me off because testing a "built-in" device (IRMan.lua) it did not show up and you would think a "built-in" device would be setup to work correctly.

5. You need to change from Girder 3 to Girder 4 in your girder plugin on Netremote.

6. Somehow my windows (Logger and Variable Inspector) got intergrated into the Main Girder window and it did not appear that the View -> Logger and View -> Variable Inspector did anything at all. Reset Windows and Toolbars fixed this.