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May 31st, 2006, 01:16 AM
Just a question or two I hope maybe someone has tackled before. Maybe someone can tell me if there has since been an easier way to do this because all the threads I have searched for are over 2 years old, and have not gotten me the answer.

My Needs: I have a HTPC with Girder 3.3 installed and need beyond TV4 to change the channel via serial port on my LG 3200a HDTV reciever.
I havedownloaded the serial plugin and have followed the instructions listed in the zip file. The only issue I am stuck on is step 7. (I have listed the complete steps below from the serial plugin file.) On step 7 in the ssgirdertuner plugin it says to Edit the lines in the channel range setup.reg file.


I am lost as to what to change here. Do I need multiple entries for ranges, etc? If so can somene who has this working just post what you have in your .reg file? I have dropped 900 dollars on a HTPC only to find out I need to use serial control for beyond tv to change channels for me, and i cannot get it to run.

Looks like when I do change channels on beyond TV girder is getting the change channels command because when i select "watch this program" on say channel 276, i can see the picture flicker on the reciever like its gettign some commands through girder (the systray icon glows) but at the bottom of the girder window i see "bad command passed to serial plugin" and to the right ssgirderchannum276 is displayed (like it knows what channel it tried to send)

I am hoping the reason all the threads are 2004 or older is their is now an easier way to just get beyond tv4 to change channles on the ls3200a / hd300/ stl-hd recievers with ease using the serial port. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am going insane!

1) Download and install Girder and the Serial Plugin from http://www.girder.nl/ (if you haven’t already).
2) Open Girder. Enable the serial plugin and select a new device. Call this device “LSS3200”. Select the COM port your STB will be connected to and leave everything at it’s default EXCEPT change the baud rate to 9600.
3) Make sure you check the box to enable devices at startup, and also check the box to automatically load THIS .GML file (not the one that comes with SSGirderTuner. If you like, you can import this .GML into your own if you already use Girder for other things. Just make sure there are no conflicts.
4) If you like you can disable the splash screen and have Girder load up on Windows start (a good idea).
5) Exit Girder.
6) Download version .07 the SSGirderTuner module for BTV https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=63575&package_id=72965
7) Unzip the files from SSGirderTuner. Place the .dll file in your BTV “tuners” directory (mine was in C:\All Users\Application Data\Snapstream Media\tuners).
((**The next part I am unsure of**))
Then load the registry key per SSGirderTuner’s instructions. You won’t use the .GML that comes with it- again you will use this one.

8) Run the Web Admin for Beyond TV. Select “Configure/Advanced Settings/Video Sources/Edit”. Change the tuner module to the one for Girder. If it isn’t there then the SSGirderTuner.dll is in the wrong directory. Do not use the wizard to do this instead because it won’t be available.
9) Unplug the power cord from your STB. Using a standard 9-pin serial cable, connect the SBT to your PC (make sure it’s the right COM port).
10) Plug the power cord back in and wait for it to boot up. I’m not telling you to power it down for safety reasons. If I remember correctly, the box needs to be powered up AFTER the serial cable has been connected or else it won’t work.
11) Load Girder and BTV and you should be set. Change channels to confirm that it works.