View Full Version : Global Cache to Girder to JRMC

June 12th, 2006, 02:55 PM
Is it possible for Girder to listen for commands from the Global Cache and pass them on to JRMC, possibly by way of NetRemote if needed?

I want to be able to input commands at the remote stations on my Niles multi-zone system. The Niles would pass the commands as IR to Global Cache, which puts them on the network. Girder (or something) would pick up the command and pass it on to JRMC. Basically you type "Disc 122 Enter" at the keypad, Girder translates that to "Album XYZ, Track 1, Play" and the music starts playing at the remote zone.

Everything I've read goes the other way - Girder is sending IR out to the Global Cache to be forwarded to other stuff.

Any ideas??? Thanks!