View Full Version : Unable to get Girder to work with Maximus Arcade

June 20th, 2006, 09:13 PM
I thought I was getting pretty good with Girder until I tried to send keys to a Media/Game frontend called Maximus Arcade. The application is controlled with simple directional keys, and other keys such as 1, 2, 3 etc.

I've been testing with the keypress of "1", since it's easy to see if it worked. I have tried using a regular keyboard command with "Send to Foreground", i've targeted the application and tried each different checkbox to send a simple key and it just doesn't recognize it.

I've also tried to capture commands but Girder does not capture anything that works.

An interesting note: When Maximus Arcade is open and I open notepad.exe and type, the keypresses also reflect in Maximus Arcade. I can then use girder to send the key "1" successfully to notepad.exe, with Maximus Arcade open, yet it doesn't react to the keypress.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!