View Full Version : Strange behaviour - anyone can help ?

September 21st, 2006, 10:53 PM
Hallo Everyone ! :-)

I'm completely new to girder and I need help, cause I didn't find any solution for my problem in the forum or myself no matter what I try.

I use the Q-Sonic 6in1 Remote Control, together with girder 3.29b, the generic X10 and WinLUAEx-PlugIn. I would like to teach girder some basic commands to control WinAmp and I don't want to use a predefined .GML - I like to create my simple own set of commands. Just with the basics, but it seems impossible for girda to act correct !

"Stop","Play" and "Pause"-commands work mostly fine, but the real problems occur with "next/previous track". It doesn't skip ONE track - it skips 2 tracks (similar I pressed 3x times the skip-button) and also this behaviour occurs not only with my remote control, but even within girdas button-test-function (F5-key). If I press the related keys on my keyboard, winamps behaviour is fine.

I experimented with the "repeat wait time" in girda (above the command-line) but that doesn't affect girdas behaviour at all ! It seems to be impossible to jump just ONE (!) track forward oder backward. Very strange ...

Second problem is the volume-function, I would like to control with my remote. For that function, I need the function to be repeated by girda, cause when I continiously press the volume-up-key for example, the volume should continiously increase and not just ONE STEP louder. But although my remote control transmits the signals repeatedly when I press any button, (and girda receives them repeatedly !), girder always just acts, like I press the button only a short moment, ONCE.

Anyone can help me to solve my two basic problems? Would be very great ...

Thanks in advance for any help ...