View Full Version : Simpad screen

November 26th, 2006, 10:42 AM
I have a problem with my WP50 simpad (copy of Siemens CL4) and thought to ask for some feedback here !

Small parts of the screen (mainly the top right and top left corners) don't respond to the stylus.

I switched to drawing mode and went over the edges of the screen with the stylus, and at places, the stylus points at a certain spot, but the drawing is 1-2 centimetres off. So instead of drawing a rectangular along the edges, it forms something like an inverted D (rotated 90 degrees to the left).

It's like the screen has folded or bent underneath. By the way, I made a hard reset to factory settings, and recalibrated. The stylus is precise within the inverted D, it's just the edges that are the problem !

Has anyone have any experience this with this or similar hardware ? Any advice perhaps on opening and repairing it ?

Many thanks !