View Full Version : Command line for a Girder command, not an event?

December 18th, 2006, 08:08 AM

I have installed Girder and MCE plugin in order to have my MCE IR Blaster change channels on my Dreambox.
All I have in Girder now is one Toplevelgroup named 'Dreambox' which then contains 10 commands (just named 0-9) for my Dreambox remote. All of these commands work when tested form within Girder, and blast the Dreambox channels just well.

Next step is integrating these commands with Showshifter (which I use for HTPC software, due to MCE's inability to handle multiple signal inputs). Showshifter fortunately has a built-in command line option connected to each channel, so it should be able to call girder and have it execute an action.

The problem is, I cannot make a correct command line.
Notice that this is not a command line for an event, I'm trying to create, but for a command. All of the examples I have found, are for executing events.
I have searched the forum for examples and tried the following command lines for having Showshifter execute the Girder command '1' (for blasting channel 1 on my Dreambox) within the toplevelgroup 'Dreambox':

C:\Programmer\girder\event.exe -1
"C:\Programmer\girder\event.exe" -1
C:\Programmer\girder\event.exe -1 18
"C:\Programmer\girder\event.exe" -1 18
C:\Programmer\girder\Girder.exe -1
"C:\Programmer\girder\Girder.exe" -1
C:\Programmer\girder\Girder.exe -1 18
"C:\Programmer\girder\Girder.exe" -1 18

What is wrong and how should the correct and functioning command line be written?

Thanks and have a merry one.

January 2nd, 2007, 04:33 PM
Event.exe is tool for generating events and events trigger commands in Girder.
Iam not familiar with plugins that you use, but should go something like:

Define a command line in showshifter:

"C:\Programmer\girder\event.exe channel_one 18"

In girder define a command that changes the channel with MCE blaster plugin.

For the command you made. Select "Girder Event" from drop down box and press "Learn Event" . In the popup box write "channel_one" and press "Select". Now it it should be ready to go

January 10th, 2007, 05:20 PM
Thanks alot for that final great tip, now it works.
At least when it comes to one digit channels (0-9). I cannot make the mce plugin learn more than one keypress from my remote at a time, and thus, I can only blast one-digit channels. Does anyone know how to make the plugin learn two- or three digits? Or how to make Girder perform two events in succession under one command? I have tried to make two Girder events under one mce plugin command (i.e 8 and 6 for channel 86) but no luck; only the first digit/the first event is triggered.