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March 4th, 2007, 11:23 PM
I've opened this thread to share tips on using and configuring IRTrans devices. The manual is not very clear and integrating them into Girder and NR can be difficult.

Here is a description of my setup:

I have three IRtrans bus devices. First one is a USB device connected to a PC, I use it for learning and controlling my home-run devices. The other two IRTrans bus devices are in two different zones, a) familyroom, b) bedroom all three are connected via a three wire cable.

Here's my first tip:

1. When setting up a Girder Action to send an IR code to a specific device, you can use its device number in the addressmask field, however you MUST use binary code representation, not decimal in the Edit Action window. For example; to address device 2, enter 0100. Here's a screen shot.-Mark W.