View Full Version : how to display text from program in OSD or send to another program?

March 21st, 2007, 02:47 PM
i was having a hard time trying to phrase what im trying to do, so ill explain better...

basically, im using girder on my HTPC to interface with my frontend, xlobby, and with my soundcard. my soundcard uses its own volume interface, so i cant use the windows mixer. girder recieves commands from the remote or from the frontend software, and then controls the mixer program, simple enough.

however, i would like to be able to SEE the volume of the mixer. for instance, there is a little box in the mixer that shows 0dB or -20dB, whatever the actual volume is at. is there a way to have girder (or something else) capture or read this command anytime the volume changes and either display it onscreen, or at least have the frontend display it?

i would go for a VERY simple onscreen overlay that just said the volume number (-33dB or whatver) exactly as its written in the mixer. is this even possible, im new to girder. thanks!