View Full Version : list of "special key" definitions

April 2nd, 2007, 06:14 AM
i couldn't sleep last night, so i decided to work on my GML for a bit. i wanted to make a command for winamp(5), in which you can assign a global hotkey for quite a few functions. i have a multimedia keyboard (which doesn't use software), so i already have its media keys mapped - in this case the keyboard's Play/Pause button, which is both its name on the keyboard, as well as what it shows up as when you bind it to winamp's function.

problem 1: is there a list of girders "special keys" and what they mean? i looked through both girder manuals (3 & 4) and searched the forum but i couldn't find one. which is strange because i could swear i had a similar problem a while back. how do i make girder send this key? i assumed if it was able to, it would be (Special Key[PLAY]), but i'm still not sure, owing to:

problem 2: winamp doesn't catch it anyway. since i wasn't sure about sending media keys, i changed the binding in winamp to "a". pressing "a" on the keyboard works. generating "a" with girder does not. i tried using the alternate proc. switch, no luck. i then removed the command's target info in the hopes that it would send the key somewhere winamp would see it, but it didn't work either. now normally i would just make a state toggle, with the first state sending the play command, and the second state sending the pause command. however, i intend to have both the play button and pause button on my remote bound to this macro, and offhand i don't see how i can do that unless i'm using multigroups and making this a whoooole lot more complicated than it should be. can i better simulate the keyboard so that winamp sees the keypress? or is the some secret class i need to send it to?

any info/thoughts on this would be great... thanks!