View Full Version : Hauppauge Remote Pressing Buttons Twice

May 22nd, 2007, 09:14 AM
I tried to search for this, but the search feature wouldn't search for "twice" because it's too common...

Anyway, I've got a Hauppauge remote, got the plugin installed and can press buttons and get it to work on the application of my choice (in this case GB-PVR) However when I press certain buttons sometimes the command gets sent twice. So I press down and instead of going down one step it goes down two, which isn't so bad with the navigation keys but gets really annoying pressing the OK or Back/Exit buttons.

Some random stuff:
- I'm using Girder 3.3
- I've got IR.exe shut off
- Hauppauge IR Plugin v 1.0
- I've tried putting time on the antirepeat but it doesn't seem to work
- Opened up taskmgr and can't see any other items related to the remote.

Any help that could be thrown my way would be appreciated. :D