View Full Version : Problem with Girder 3.3 & Streamzap

July 6th, 2007, 01:15 PM
I have been using a Streamzap remote with Girder 3.3 for a few years now and it always worked well.

I just recently reloaded the OS (XP) and applications on my HTPC. Since the reload, the YELLOW and BLUE buttons are behaving stangely.

If I don't start Girder, all the Streamzap buttons work fine through the Streamzap mapping. But, when Girder is running the YELLOW and BLUE buttons will each activate both the commands I have setup for each of these buttons. I have re-learned the commands into Girder and both are correct.

When I press either of these two buttons, both of the commands I have assigned to YELLOW (favorite 3 is displayed in Girder) and BLUE (favorite 4 is displayed in Girder) I get two different multigroups executed.

Any help would be appreciated.