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August 2nd, 2007, 07:25 PM

I have an networked device which happens to have a serial port. The port is the console and is also used to control a parallel port display. An atmel chip is employed to do the conversion. However, I would also like to be able to transmit IR signals to other entertainment equipment. What are your thoughts on using the UIRT as a hardware platform for such a device? Is there much code room left for the serial to parallel conversion and buffering (the parallel port display is apparently slower then the band width afforded by a 9600 BAUD serial port)? Ah yes, and I am looking for 8 spare pins for the parallel interface. Hum, maybe I need to be looking at a bigger PIC package.

Added a day later:
I looked at the PIC and how it's used. There appears to be a 5 & 8 bit port. Few (only 3) port pins are not in use. However if I only need the IR XMT and Serial port pins, I might be able to free up the 8 bit port to control the parallel port display. So, on this PIC, is it possible to move the IR XMT and Serial features to the 5 bit port? Ideally, I'd also like a pin to control the power to the display as it is a VFD and requires about as much current as the rest of the device. And, the device its self has an IR receiver - but the firmware on the device only works for particular protocol. So, the PIC's IR REC might be nice to include as well.

Another question: I haven't looked at the code yet. Do you depend on the host computer to generate and analyze raw IR data?