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September 1st, 2007, 03:29 AM
I 'always' forget my keys, so I'm looking for a keyless frontdoor entry system.

(no point in getting an rfid or rf solution, because I would forget those devices/tags as well)

I just got one of these :


also :


works great through a wooden door and through my double glazing...

I connected it to an SM10 powerflash interface, so it works in Girder...

I've mounted it on the inside of a wooden wall near my front door, to have a 'secret' invisible button to open my front door. (with some additional safeguards, so that the button only works, if my bluetooth mobile phone is in-range (either in my pocket, outside the front door or inside, in it's charger) and the motion detectors don't detect motion inside...)
I've been toying with the idea, to detect tapping the button with some type of morse-code:)

In the future, when I've got some more time, I' might use one of these :


a 16 button through-glass touchpad

to enter a security code

(front door is be fitted with a homelock door opening system from http://www.mypowershop.eu/ (dutch only website))
the homelock is shown on the front page, bottom left..
'conrad' holland/germany also sells this doorlock : search for 'keymatic'
also see :


September 5th, 2007, 01:40 PM
That through glass keypad looks interesting but there is no price shown.

Does it work like the iPhone does, by detecting the slight magnetic fields generated around a human's body (or like me and my sister a huge magnetic/static field - I've even seen my sister propel her husband across the room when they were dating... just by kissing him on the lips... KRRRACKKKK).

The only thing I don't like about glass keypads like the iPhone, touch screens, pda's and the through glass keypads is that there is no tactical feel to the buttons. But all that is changing with something called Haptics.

When I was searching the net for touch screen info I came across a very interesting page that told of new advances in haptic technology. You can read it here...


It's the next step to getting Virtual Reality too, and not just for gaming. I found this site... http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qa3959/is_200206/ai_n9134087 ...that showed it could be used in medical rehabilitation use.

I was thinking of a friend of mine who had a biking accident and lost the feeling in his legs. If they could use haptic feedback I bet they could give him feeling again.

Touch screen technology aren't just fancy gadgets anymore... It really is the 21st century isn't it!