View Full Version : Lua - Hate It Then Love It...

October 28th, 2007, 08:31 PM
When I first started playing with Lua I have to say I hated it with a vengeance. I've learned many languages over the years and occasionally you will have ones you will love or detest at first sight... Lua was definately a detest.

Now I've been doing it for a short while I've got to say I was totally wrong... I've just chopped a 310 line program down to 155 and it does the same thing only more clearly and more efficient. Now that's got to be something to celebrate.

I'm still learning Lua and there is still a lot to comprehend but I think I've got the Lua bug (bug in a good way ;)) now. It's a language that hides a lot of potential in its programming.

So for those who are put off by Lua but still feel the urge to learn it go get a copy of "Programming in Lua" by Robert Ierusalimschy (first edition matches Girders version of Lua as both are Lua 5.0 whereas PiL Second edition is for Lua 5.1). If you get PiL SE don't worry as it tends to explain where new 5.1 commands are and their equivelant in v5.0. I've been using PiL SE and it's helped a lot... that and the Lua-Users Wiki.

Go on... try it... you know you want to. :cool: