View Full Version : DVBViewer plugin problems

November 24th, 2007, 03:46 AM

I'm rather new with Girder so bear with me if I just have not understood something basic or ask stupid questions.

I'm running the following software in my htpc system:

Windows XP
Girder 5.0 Standard
LCD G4 plugin to run my Matrix Orbital LCD (working)
MCE remote plugin (also working)
DVBViewer 3.9 (with comremote plugin installed)

I have been able to make the com-remote system somewhat working, but it seems that the gml-plugin will not automatically trigger the onclose event and it needs to be run manually despite my attempts at tuning the window conditional which should trigger it if dvbv is closed manually. Does anyone have any ideas why it does not get triggered?

My second problem with the plugin is that it eats a LOT of system resources.
I suspect the resource consumption has something to do with the several teletext events that dvbviewer sends to girder each second. I don't think they are necessary. How can I just discard them?

Despite several attempts and reading all the comments in the dvbviewer plugins scripts and lcd plugin documentation I have not been able to comprehend how to modify the dvbviewer plugin to send the VFD stuff to my lcd. I do know how to print strings to my LCD from girder scripts though.

In the dvbv plugin's documentation it says that to improve performance one should move to using keyboard emulation instead of com-commands. Well that's ok but i would like to retain the lcd functionality so i guess having the com-connection is needed for that to work.

I appreciate all comments and pointers on how to proceed in solving my problems.

best regards,