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December 4th, 2007, 02:53 PM
Hi Room

I purchase a whole system from one of member here but i can't get him to help me to install (he so busy with life i guess ). He told me license from Girder can tranfer to me, hope this true.

So here is what i got:

1. Ocelot
2. Secu-16
3. secu-16ir
4. Xantech Smartpad LCD
5. IRstation
6. Edgeport/421
7. psc05
8. usb ir receiver
9. pocket pc
10. girder 4 pro
11. girder remote with girder designer
12. couple of x-10 stuffs
13. 1st floor: projector, lcd, 2 laptop, 2 computer, 1 sirius, 1 sansa connect, 1 ipod, 2 pocket pc, 1 new server ( never install, will use as movie server), amplifier, processor with 7.1 setup, 4 dvd players, HTPC with HDMI out and digital sound out (mainly use).
14. kid room is just dvd player, lcd and mini stereo.
15. second floor: LCD and rceiver with 5,1 setup.
16. 4 cameras with lorex dvm2400 usb.
17. alarm system dsc632.

What is the efficiency way to control IR and home automation?

1. Ocelot for X10 (Girder and Netremote) And Xantech touchscreen with IRstation for IR control? Is this mean if i touch an LCDPAD then it will trigger a Ocelot to turn on/off light and turn on/off audio/tv/ etc.. How can Ocelot and Girder will trigger LCDPAD for IR ? Can they do two way communicate?

2. Ocelot with Secu16ir and IRstation for x10 and IR (Girder and Netremote) then use LCDPAD to trigger it?

So any help from you greatly appreciated.
Thank you so much