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December 13th, 2007, 01:13 AM
Hi Everyone,

Hopefully this is an easy one.

I have a profile setup in Girder 4 for my Media Center Vista commands.

The problem is that VOLUME DOWN in vista media center is F9, which is also the key in girder that DISABLES it.

Every time I press Volume Down, my girder shuts off.. !@#!$!#$!

How do I overcome this?

Rob H
December 13th, 2007, 02:49 AM
It should only do that if Girder is the foreground application, are you saying it happens when Girder is in the background too?

December 13th, 2007, 03:56 AM
Correct, it happens at any time. Just with girder running in the tray.

For example, computer starts, girder starts minimized. I hit the key I programmed in my firefly through girder to open media center, media center now opens.

In media center, I play TV, and then turn down the volume. BAM, girder disables.

By disables I mean it just shuts off actions, its still running in the tray, just disabled. Try it, press F9 and you'll see what it'll do to your girder.

December 13th, 2007, 04:00 AM
You know what? I think I got everything confused.
You're right, the F9 only disables girder if girder is the foreground app.

My issue apparently is that girder does not start in the ACTIVATED / ENABLED mode.

How do I change that?

Rob H
December 13th, 2007, 04:34 AM
Really? I've not come across that problem before.

Can you try shutting Girder down and starting it up then post the details from the Logger window.

December 15th, 2007, 03:55 AM
Ok when I check the logs, it says it couldnt find a bunch of GML files. This may be causing my issue.

But that's fine, cause I only want my VISTA.GML to load up, I deleted all others from the GML folder.

How do I make girder NOT look for these GMLs that no longer exist?


December 15th, 2007, 04:01 AM
Ok, figured out how to remove the GMLs from loading, in registry HLM > SOFTWARE > PROXIMIS > GIRDER > 4 > OPENED FILES.

Now when I open girder, only my vista.gml shows up, and its ACTIVE, but girder itself (top bar) shows the green PLAY button, as in NOT ACTIVATED.

The Log just shows 1 entry:
Time Date Source Details Payloads
02:00:03:836 12/15/2007 NetRemote Enabled

What do I doooo ?

Rob H
December 15th, 2007, 04:32 AM
You probably shouldn't start from there! The normal way to stop GMLs from loading is to select the GML in the Girder window and Close it (either a right click and select Close or File|Close)

What does Help|About say about the Girder 4 version?

December 15th, 2007, 12:59 PM
When I right clicked on the GML and clicked close, i'd turn on Girder next time, and they'd still be there.

There is no errors in the log now though, so I doubt that's causing any problem. I'm sure its just a flag i need to setup somewhere that says "ACTIVATE GIRDER WHEN IT STARTS" or something, it HAS to be simple.


In help about it says:
Girder 4.0.15 (Build 371)
25 days left.. which means I have 25 days to figure out my problem, or im throwing it in the garbage and going back to my old version of girder, which worked flawlessly.

Rob H
December 15th, 2007, 05:50 PM
What OS are you running it on? I'm guessing this is Vista?

You may want to try Girder 5 (currently in beta, but pretty close to release I'd say) - see the Girder 5 forum here - the first message should have the download link.

December 15th, 2007, 07:19 PM
I'm afraid of downloading Beta stuff.. and yes, its Vista Ultimate. x32

Rob H
December 16th, 2007, 09:50 AM
Girder 5 is very stable in my experience. But it's your choice.

December 16th, 2007, 05:42 PM
Ya, I'll try figuring out 4 first, then if all else fails, I'll try 5, hopefully it'll be out by then.