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December 28th, 2007, 09:26 AM

I installed the demo of Girder 4 a few days ago to allow me to control x10 devices with a Nevo universal remote via an MCE reciever. I've managed to get the Nevo controlling all my x10 devices from the server machine just fine :) However I want to extend this to my client pc so I installed another copy of Girder 4 on the client pc and setup a Girder to Girder network.
Unfortunatly I cannot get the client to work any devices setup on the server, when clicking apply/test the command gets sent to the server but it does nothing.

I've also tried adding a remote event to the client pc which again the server see's but does nothing. Having no expirence with this sort of thing I'm completly stumped and thought it time to ask for some help.

So what would be the best way to allow me to use Girder to control x10 devices located on a server via a client pc?

Should I be using remote event or is there a better way to achive control of x10 devices via a client.

Are there any noob tutorials available?

I've searched the help pages, forums and tried google but havent found much info on setting up a Girder to Girder network.

Many Thanks


December 28th, 2007, 12:49 PM
As I said above I'm a complete noob but I'm guessing that I need to enter an "Event String" in the remote event action. So I've tried lounge_lighting.gml:\Light Front\On & [lounge_lighting.gml:\Light Front\On] . I've also tried various other combinations.

Am I on the right track or am I completly missing the point?


December 28th, 2007, 02:00 PM
You will need to hook the event coming in from the remote server to an action on the girder actually connected to the x10 device to do what you need. You best bet is to send events that match the events coming in from the remote!

If you upload the GML of the server I might be able to suggest an eventstring.

December 28th, 2007, 02:24 PM
I did try and match the events coming in with keyboard actions but that didnt work so I've reverted back to the IR remote codes.

I've uploaded the server GML file. Its seems very simple and I'm assuming that I've done it correctly as the lights all work.

Many thanks for taking a look at my file.


December 28th, 2007, 02:56 PM
When trying to send events into Girder you must make sure you match both the eventstring (CaSe SeNsiTive) and the device number. In your case the device id (or Event Device ) is 230. So when sending an event make sure you set that as well. That should do the trick.

December 28th, 2007, 03:29 PM
Ok I changed the Event Device to 230 but it still doesnt work although on the server log I see an MCE remote plugin.

I dont think I'm setting the remote event correctly so I've posted another gml file which has the settings for my client pc. Could you take a quick look please and tell me whats wrong.



December 28th, 2007, 03:34 PM
You have mismatched the event string. Looks like you are using the Device Manager name, but you have to match the EventString of the remote! Check the attached GML.

December 28th, 2007, 03:47 PM
Yep, it works :)

Can you beleive I've been trying for two days now and the answer was so simple, well it is when you know how and now I know how ;)

Thankyou again


December 28th, 2007, 03:50 PM
Glad it worked. It's always easy once you know how :-)