View Full Version : Ungroup not working

Rob H
January 5th, 2008, 11:25 AM
One of my favourite tricks is to group a set of objects using Ctrl-Shift-G to put them into a frame - this works nicely in, however, if I want to ungroup them I now find that I can't - the ungroup command (shortcut Ctrl-Shift-U) does nothing and in fact is greyed out in the Edit menu.

This seems to be intermittent and is related to whether NRD decides to provide the resulting frame with sizing handles. Not found a systematic way to reproduce this yet. :(

While I'm on the subject of Group/Ungroup - when grouping, the newly created frame is exactly big enough to contain all the enclosed elements - it might be nice to either have an option that could add a certain amount of space all around the enclosed elements, or some way of resizing a frame such that it expands in all directions, e.g. hold down the alt key while dragging the sizing knobs and the opposite one would move the same amount, but leaving the contents where they are on screen. Alternatively the alt key could just move the border of the frame and adjust the position of the contained objects so that they do not move on the screen. Does that make sense?