View Full Version : Help, I can't change to 2-digit channel number using Girder, PCTV Pro and ChrisTV

February 21st, 2008, 12:10 PM

This has probably been discussed before, however I can't find it in the archives, so my apology if I'm going to repost.
I would like to use ChrisTV with the Pinnacle PCTV Pro remote control (24-key - small version), so I installed Girder with the Pinnacle PCTV Plugin, but I can only teach Girder with one-digit key-press from my Pinnacle PCTV Pro remote control. Do you know how to teach Girder to accept two or three-digit IR commands (example: channel 10 or 100)?
I don't have the original Pinnacle software installed because it doesn't run in Windows Vista, so I don't have the profiles.ini.
If any Girder (or other third party software) user has any ideas, let me know.
Or if anyone have a Girder configuration file (*.GML) containing all the current key settings for the Pinnacle PCTV Pro to use with ChrisTV, please tell me.

Thank you for the help.