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March 9th, 2008, 07:28 AM
i know some audio software like FL studio where they have a directory that contain many flash capturescreen video (http://videotutorials.e-officedirect.com/videotutorials.exe?forumname=flstudio) . I find this very usefull . At this time see that girder and netremote can talk to each other and even find a good tutorial in french (http://www.ordicanap.info/) about girder but the version is about the 3 not the 4 ; a shame .

I think experienced user of girder could help newby like me to show from scracth how create a button in netremote and control for example launch and control ( play stop) a vlc player using girder . I think it does take less than 2 hours to do that and could be post in promixis web site if upload support more than 10 Mo . Many free tool could be use to capture screen like wink or microsoft video capture tool.

i think also all that can be achieve using gui could be achieve using lua in the girder side so i ll be happy to see in vidéo the two way to achieve the same behaviour .

the girder help is fine but does a html web version exist more update in promixis website ? the number of item of plug in reference in the chm Girder help differ from the number of item find in promixis website when choose girder 4 and girder plug in !!
it hard to believe that and it not clear at first look so girder plugin contain in promixis web site more than only item plugin ( plug in in Girder help chm file seem to be protocol plug in ) . The girder plugin in promixis website show in row table some package custom for specific GML, driver related to specific window software and remote !!!

english don't help me a lot too so hope this post ll help newby like me