View Full Version : API in girder

March 9th, 2008, 09:21 AM
read the lua library reference and see class can be override like objetc oriented language.
1) does the attribut name variable have to be explicit ?
2) is there a browser object tool like we can find/use in vba for office to navigate in all classes instead use girder lua library chm file ?
3) find interesting the chapter about guid long hexadecimal number in the case many netremote client work with girder server. Does this occur in pocket and xp vista OS ?
4) read that girder could speak with other girder running in other PC in a network : is there a girder user that already use this API ?
5) is there a tree of lua API function implemented in girder and netremote ( object class hiearchy ) . This question make sense if girder API use override class.
6) does all the girder lua library are store in Girder\plugins repertory name wit h extension dll ?

thank's for any help ...