View Full Version : newbie here: do i want girder or netremote?

March 12th, 2008, 03:08 PM
my needs are simple: I want to be able to control a multi-room audio system from a computer. It is vital that this control be extended to an iphone or ipod touch interface. I read here that girder is capable of this ipod touch usability, but it seems that netremote as a whole is more similar to my needs. can anybody here tell me if girder is capable of my needs, and if im missing out on anything by skipping netremote?

my plan is to get a rotel 1052 reciever (capable of 4 zones) and control that, an external amp, a bose acoustic wave system, and a turntable with the USB IR transciever(s) from the computer. I may also need to control 4 squeezeboxes (wireless mp3 streamers) fed to the reciever, but i want to instead get 4 good sound cards for the pc and send them music independantly for playing multiple digital audio files in multiple zones through the reciever. How to stream the music continues to seem too complicated to me. I cant find any software that seems capable of using separate sound cards as separate media players.

thanks a lot in advance!