View Full Version : record /capture audio and video

March 14th, 2008, 10:40 AM
is there a girder user that developp something for girder that can capture audio from 2 RCA or video from DV.my aim is to know if something exit for programming recording . podcast for audio and video could also be achieve using PC capture device is rca stereo of FM Radio receiver and DV output from TV is redirect to capture connector of pc . search an equivalent of "show view" for programming record of vcr using IR remote control by girder. In a way implement showview choose the tunner channel and then start to record in pc side . I have some podcast ( video radio) that is accessible 2 days afters . So programming record when i not i my house ll be usefull. It s strange that all home user could programming record TV channel with showview and there is nothing with radio and K7 recorder !!!

for example for tv i ll see something in girder that lets us
1) control TV and VCR device and capture driver ( start stop depend of time)
then signal TV output ->device ( RCA+Svideo inpout->DV output) -> DV (PC )

many home cinema have audio receiver with many RCA output so audio stream to capture could be come from home cinema device compatible with IR remote ( to select channel using girder )