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March 16th, 2008, 04:16 PM
i try the example OSD file example going to http ://PCname : port/ajax.lhtml#variable .

1) I see when each click to button that the window call interactive lua console show the events

Text ........... Time ................Date
Monitor 1 .... 20:02:33:890.....3/16/2008

i open also variable display in he aim to see variable but don't find the variable when redefine id/name=OSDtext value in html rendering. Is the window is the good one to show ? could we see the value in this window ? if yes can someone indicate where in the tree hiearchy ?

2) i search wich file ( exe script..) is call to the server since ajax hide this. My proxy scanner show me this url
http://pcname:port/ajaxreq.lhtml?OSD=Type%20your%20message%20here&FontSize=50&Monitor=2.This string is initiate send by the ajax function
formRequester.open("GET", "ajaxreq.lhtml?" + CGIString);
the function inside this file create variable value and send/call with girder and update html page .I remenber me zope python language but ajax was not use at this time. I see in the script that girder use lua promixis API and other from lua . I expect to find in the help file of girder using enter get CGI or getfield the definition of this method? but find nothing . ( aware or seem to understand getfield is a recursive function !!!)
how can i find using promixis product an easy way to find this ?

3) in the ajaxreq.lhtml file i dont see understand ( because don't be a lua user )
a) what is f parameter
b) why there is no language definition for script inside <% %>, does it mean the only language supported is lua ? .

4) how change the behaviour of girder server if we use a different extension file . does this could be change inside girder? Know mime/type can be define in server side to say to the server that when a client ask a file with specific extension , server have to interpret understand the file like this or like this ( interpret function in the server side include in the file) . I use front page to edit the page but don't go in deep inside frontpage to open lhtml page like htm or html page . ll be usefull is someone give me the trick to confiure frontpage or girder webser to use standart extension webpage

5)search to know how girder server know that when use osd example the return message must gone to the form of id/name=osdform and input status tag of name EventStatus

The print Method

The print method works like the Lua global function of the same name except that the result is emitted into the HTML being returned to the client. It is inserted in place of the script text, with multiple print values being inserted in order of execution and before any return value.
webserver : print([val]...)

val: String, Number or Table or Object with tostring meta-method. The values are converted to strings and concatenated with a single space separating multiple values.

6) love the way script can ask Xp OS system how many monitor have the PC !!!
where i can find a list of OS variable that lua can know ?