View Full Version : Tira-2.1 IR command problem

March 31st, 2008, 04:55 AM

I am a new Tira-2.1 user and what I wanna do is to save TV remote control commands into Tira and use my Tira as a remote control. I am using Girder3.2. I have no problem with creating a new IR command. when I test my command it works very well for the first try. but when I try to invoke the command for the second time nothing happens.

for example, I created a new "Standby" IR code command by using Girder. when I test my command, it opens the TV from Standby mode. so it does what it is expected. but when I test my command again, instead of going back to the Standby mode it does absolutely nothing. I close my TV by using the TV's remote control. then I test my command again. and it works again and opens the TV. so it seems like it can work only when I try to open the TV from standby mode. the same problem occurs for the other commands as well such as Menu command.

I will really appreciate if you can share your opinions/suggestions with me.

thanks in advance,