View Full Version : Laptop as 'controller' screen for MCE, Girder?

April 1st, 2008, 04:27 AM
I have a spare laptop and i want to turn in into a digital photo viewer/frame.
But I also want the Laptop to be some kind of controller unit for my Mediacenter (Windows XP MCE).
Kind of like those touchscreens one sees in some HTPC cases. But those screens are secondary screens to the HPTC itself, mine is off course a stand alone ‘screen’ because it is from a laptop who is connected through the LAN/WLAN. Also it doesn’t have a touch screen off course.

I don’t need/want to actually control my HTPC through this ‘screen’, the laptop/screen is standing just next to the HTPC and I want to control the HTPC by using a normal IR remote. I just want it to act as a control/check device. So that I don’t have to turn on my TV screen every time I want to play music.
I think it is going to be used primarily (an only?) for 'checking' when i am navigating through the my music, selecting music and then playback the music through the audio output from the main HPPC.
Again, it only has to show (information from my HTPC)

I looked at options like remote access (VNC/Radmin/remote dekstop), these look ok, because one sees the actual screen of the HTPC and navigating through the HTPC (menu’s) is seen on the VNC client (laptop) off course. But everything Is kind of ‘sluggish’ and I also see (performance) on the VNC server (the HTPC) that a VNC client is connected. Besides this, I don’t want to see everything on this laptop, for instance; when watching TV/Video/DVD I only want to see this on the main screen. Off course I can then turn off the laptop, but this is also influences the performance of the HTPC (server) I noticed. And i believe VNC is not so stable for permanent use......

Off course i looked at NetRemote, but this is meant for really controlling MCE through another device, i only need to show information from my main MCE pc.

I found things about using a laptop also for navigating/controlling with the laptops-keyboard. I want to use the/a standard IR (harmony) remote control and just (only) see what i'm doing on the laptop-screen.

I think i have to look at the so called 'Media Status Aggregation Service' and found some info on this forum; MCESpy (http://www.promixis.com/forums/showthread.php?t=17450). But i don't see yet if that is going to work for me.....

Any thoughts if and how Girder van help me?