View Full Version : How to show all girder and MB instances?

April 3rd, 2008, 11:47 AM
I am not a lua expert nor a programmer.. Can someone with more skills/knowledge help me with this:
-- I have, say, 3 PC's running Girder/MB/JRMC instances and a device running NR to control those PC's.
-- On one of my pages I would like to show the status of Girder/MB of each PC

Currently (following the examples in publicly available skins) I can have
-- for MB - a list of all active MB instances (that's almost what I need)
-- for Girder - previous/next buttons flipping between active instances.

What I need:
Girder 1 - on/off indicator
Girder 2 - on/off indicator
Girder 3 - on/off indicator

MB 1 - on/off indicator
MB 2 - on/off indicator
MB 3 - on/off indicator

(I don't care about different zones within a single MB instance - I just wanna see if MB is running and connected)

Can this be done?
Thanks in advance!