View Full Version : A few questions about Girder and Harmony Remote

April 26th, 2008, 11:19 AM

I just installed the trial version of Girder 4. I have a few questions on how to use it with my Harmony 680 Remote, Meedio and Theatertek.

When I add a remote I take it I am adding the USB Uirt? WHen I click Add Remote and hit a key on my 680, Girder comes up with finding my USB Uirt. Which is fine. I take it I have to click all the buttons to assign. But how do I get it to control Meedio and Theatertek? I noticed that there are some plugins for TheaterTek and Meedio. I setup my Harmony Remote with 3 devices, my TV, Reciever and PVR. Do I need to add a Media Center device for my 680?

I went t through the help but totally unsure what to do.