View Full Version : Best approach for event conditional

April 30th, 2008, 05:04 AM
Hi Everybody, a couple of years ago I developed a theme park atraction based on Girder 3.3.9 with some 4500 lines which is still going strong. Unfortunately in that application I used no conditional or LUA programing and what is more I am now a little rusty from not using Girder recently.
I have purched Girder 4 and am trying to get up to date. I currently need to control WMP or VLC based on a proximity switch. I have modified the switch using the circuit from a keyboard and can now send whatever keyboard event I want. The tricky part (for me ;-) is that I need the video to start playing when proximity is detected (first key event is received) and to continue playing until the repeats are no longer seen. At this point the video should be cued up at the beginning for the next pass. So when a viewer is close enough to the screen the video begins and continues until he walks away, the system then returns to the beginning of the video (blank screen) band waits for a new viewer.
My questions is, can this be done in a simple way or must I learn LUA scripting, conditional plugins, etc. ?? My problem is the time span for which I need this working, a couple of days!! so I want to focus my learning on the correct path. Thanks All