View Full Version : Converting a CCF from Tonto to NRD

May 25th, 2008, 10:18 AM
Hi everyone,

I am still using Tonto to edit my ccf because NRD - even in sersion 1.0.51 - isn't able to convert the standard skin/ccf construction properly to the overlay format.
I have attached a "before" and "after" to clarify what I mean.
Since I would finally love to move to NRD without redesigning from scratch.
Is there any chance this will once work?

The diagnosid is simple. NRD converts the standard skin to overlay templates, but doesn't convert the single windows to the proper size resulting in a template window sitting on top of the overlay template.

Another problem is, that NRD doesn't import the "hidden page" flag at all. I have several pages that are hidden and shouldn't pop up in every-day use.