View Full Version : Insteon Plugin - trouble with groups and KeypadLinc Relay

June 11th, 2008, 06:40 PM
I'm using G4 (PRO) with the trial of the Insteon plugin, and have 2 issues that I need to address before I can buy the plugin.

First, I'll explain the network. It's very small (for now!), just 2 light controllers (In-linelinc dimmer and lamplinc dimmer) with a KeypadLinc Relay. I have a pair of 2443 access points and a 2414S PLC to tie it all together.

Using device command and device level actions I am able to control the inlinelinc and lamplinc dimmers, however I cannot control them when I make a group including both. Neither one seems to react to the group command. The keypadlinc relay will however react to a group command. If I have all 3 in a group, the only one that turns on/off is the keypadlinc relay.

My other issue is that Girder sees the KeypadLinc Relay (2486S), but it only shows up in the device manager tab, and not in the KeypadLinc Manager tab. Unless I am missing something (which I hope is the case!) I am currently unable to link any devices/groups to it through girder.

Any help is greatly appreciated.