View Full Version : Multimedia Keys and HID in G4

June 22nd, 2008, 10:55 PM
I have a Gyration Ultra RF keyboard with 15 special multimedia keys on the top to control navigation, open email etc and want to disable the OS from seeing these keys being pressed. In Girder I can assign these keys to various actions, however the default OS actions also run.

For example: if I assign the 'email' key to run a girder macro in girder the macro executes when I press it, but outlook express also opens as well.

I have read several posts about fixing this with the Keyboard EX plugin for girder 3 (not what I am using) and the HID plugin for girder 4 (what I am using), but I cannot make sense of how to set any of this up.

Any suggestions or posts that clearly make sense of using multimedia keys in girder without passing them to the OS or disabling them in the OS would be greatly appreaciated.