View Full Version : Harmon Kardon, Blu Wave, and MCE dont want to play together...

July 9th, 2008, 08:09 PM
Hey guys, hopefully you can help me. I've spent a couple of days (you read right) trying to get my existing MCE remote control transmitter box to work with girder and netremote on my ppc. I finally got that all working, which wasa bit of a bear, and my set top scientific atlanta boc is working great. The problem is two of the other devices i need to control, my PS3 via blu wave infra red and my harmon kardon AVR 146 Receiver both dont want to accept the infra red being transmitted from the MCE device. So far i have tried buying a new emitter, that didnt fix it, I have also tried learning the codes from not the factory remote but from a universal remote - no dice. So the question is, is it the MCE transmitter? Would i have more success with the USB-UIRT? anyone get these working yet? Any help would be greatly appreciated - Ive made an entire custom layout and need to get it working :D