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July 15th, 2008, 10:35 AM
I am automating a repetive windows sequence using varous programs such as excel, access etc. I would like to come up with a way for girder to automatically stop processing if a variable hits a certain number. By using the clipboard variable function with in an if statement I should be able to achieve this.

Since I am not an expert with either girder or LUA, can someone give me an example of how to call a girder Macro from a LUA script?

Thank you.


July 15th, 2008, 03:40 PM
One way of achieving what you want is to tigger a Girder action from within your lua code.

The function to call is: gir.TriggerEvent("Event_name",18) where Event_name is a Girder event which is associated with the macro you want to launch.

July 15th, 2008, 04:24 PM

Promixes sent me a sample with that in it. However what I want to do should be very simple. I have a list of 35 names. The list could very evertime I run the macro, so I want a count function in the excel program I have and then girder copies with cntrl c. this variable, when it reaches 0, would then activate the event. I just want the event to stop the macro. Can you give me an example of an event that stops the macro?

Here is what I have

if Clipboard == 0 then

what would you put in the close event?