View Full Version : Streamzap driver question

July 28th, 2008, 05:48 PM
Well I bought a Streamzap remote for my BeyondTV system (in large part because Girder advertises that it's a supported remote). The driver (current - v3.0) seems to lock up, not responding to the remote until reboot. When in this state, the process "zremote.exe" consumes 27% of my dual-core CPU. Not good. (I'd return it, but thought it was working and trashed the packaging and receipt.)

In searching the net, I have found other reports of this problem, but no solutions.

My question regarding Girder... Does Girder replace the non-functional driver provided by Streamzap? Or does the Girder Streamzap plugin ride on top of the Streamzap driver? Basically, if I purchase Girder will it solve the problem? or am I simply screwed by the Streamzap software?

PS. How hard is it to get a simple remote working? I bought this one because the Hauppauge IR drivers won't work if you have multiple Hauppauge cards in your system! How silly is that?!?