View Full Version : advice on RF controls devices for garage door et al

August 8th, 2008, 06:38 PM
I'm just about to install a motorised garage door (2 actually) and was thinking it would be neat to have a single RF control that (1) opens the garage door, (2) turns the garage light on and (3) releases a mag-lock (for a present time period) on the connecting door into the house. Obvisouly there would need to be other independant controls for each device too and a separate RF frequency for each door (side by side).

I can picture out how to do the girder pieces of the above, what I am stumped on is the hardware that I would need to connect of the above devices to girder (bear in mind my garage is underneath my home, spearated by a 24inch concrete slab). This is the first project like this that I have embarked on and I've spent many hours on the smarthome web site and am perplexed by the miriad of options (x10 vs insteon vs other).

If anyone has any experience in these things and could give me some suggestions *(specifically on hardware that would work for my ideaa and be easy to link to Girder), it would be much appreciated.