View Full Version : usb-uirt wont transmit IR from netremote, but will from Girder

August 31st, 2008, 11:56 AM
I picked up a usb-uirt. I learn the codes successfully through IR learn mode in netremote 2, and when i turn learn mode off and click the buttons in netremote the usb-uirt red light blinks, but the devices wont respond either from line-of-sight or from direct wiring out of the emitter jack. Repeating the procedure in girder with the IR wizard and then clicking test after I learn the code, the usb-uirt works perfectly. I tried doing girder passthrough, but that didnt seem to get any response out of the usb-uirt. What gives? I want this thing to work in netremote!

Thanks so much for any help, I really really need to get this up and running!