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September 28th, 2008, 05:12 AM
I'm currently plowing through forums / manuals and I'm building what I hope will be a fully interactive home control system for media (using a 8x8 av matrix) / lights (x10) / heating (x10) etc.

The Girder / Netremote software is awsome and appears ideal for what I'm after.

One important aspect is that I would ideally like to have a transiever sensor in each room (I have lots of cat5 installed) and duplicates of a simple universal remote controller in each room (to keep buttons down and access functions using on screen menu structure), probably only arrow keys, a select key, back key and power/sleep key.

I would like to mount a sensor / transmitter in each room and connect to the centralised machine running girder and configure (based on selected channel or com port) such that girder knows which room the command originated from and can act upon it. I.e. if the select button is pressed in the Dining room, Girder tells the AV matrix to switch to the PC input to display the menu on that TV and then the arrow buttons can be used to control the system. Selecting DVD or SKY etc would get Girder to get the AV matrix to swap the input as appropriate when selected, the other TV's in the house (other outputs from the matrix) would stay as they were.
Bit of a mouthful and a 'overview' of what i'm after but hopefully it makes sense.

I have seen devices such as the USB-UIRT (which appears good value but would be difficult to place in each room without either repeating the IR signal or extending the USB cable, maybe even using cat5/USB extenders) and there appears to be doubt as to whether multiple units can be used without serial mods.
the UIRT2 (which is even better value but I'm unsure whether it is supported in G5 based on recent posts) I could connect this to a multiple serial port card if it worked ok for a simple solution.
Even better would be a 'black box' which would accept multiple IR inputs (connectable to sensors/transmitters remote to the box ideally over cat5 cable). With some internet browsing I came across a link to a box that had multiple outputs, but only a single input so does not fully suit my needs.

Does anyone use or does anyone have a link to a box that would do what I'm after.
I'm happy with electronics design and PIC's if this needs to be a home brewed solution, but I'm not sure where to start when it comes to IR transeivers and linking to Girder.

I tried to post web links to the devices I'm taking about, but as a new member I need to do some more posts first to comply with forum rules so apologies.

With thanks

Rob H
September 28th, 2008, 06:57 AM
Sounds like the IRTrans Ethernet (http://www.irtrans.de/en/technicalinfo/lan.php) would be suitable for this, I have the normal USB version. You may want to check in the forums that this is the best choice though.

September 28th, 2008, 08:33 AM
Thanks for prompt reply,

yes 'd looked at that device, but hadn't taking into account the serial bus it offers.
I could buy 1 x USB device (rather than the ethernet one, allthough either could be used) then also buy 8 x bus modules connected over cat5 cable. They appear to be individually addressable.

Does anyone have any experience of using these with Girder? And importantly whether the serial bus / addressable system works robustly with available plugins.

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Todd Reed
October 10th, 2008, 12:35 AM
I use ADI controllers for X10 and IR control. We are finishing a Ocelot Component which lets you control Girder v5. Any X10 button press or IR received can trigger an event.

www.appdigg.com for the Ocelot controller, they also have a 16 zone IR input module!
I tied my whole house Xantech IR system to my Ocelot, which triggers Girder...!

Good luck!

February 14th, 2010, 05:49 PM

I use the Xantech 16 router for outgoing signals.

I use 16 different IgorPlug devices with hacked firmware for different devices. This lets me use the same remote and simply travel from room to room with the current room controlled.

Let me know, if you every came up with something else.

I have now been adding touch screens to each room for local control too.