View Full Version : 1 Wire setup help needed

November 5th, 2008, 10:17 PM
Ok I am getting old.... been too long since I played with this 1 wire suff and was on meds for my back at the time... so bare with me

Currently I have two DS18S20 hooked up and they are reading fine. The problem is I do not remember how I set this up. I know I installed the 1 wire drivers and dropped the 1 wire DLL into the folder and added the init to the startup but thats all I remember.

Right now I get this

OWDM Event 21.4
OWDM Event 22.3
Setting Var Temp1 to value 70
Setting Var Temp2 to value 72

Where does the Var Temp1 get set at? Is this automatic. I am a bit embarrassed I can't remember doing this and I am getting ready to install some more DS18S20 sensors. I can't see any DM screens or CM screens or any other place to do setup or make changes... please help me recall what to do.

Thanks for any reminders