View Full Version : Complete Multimedia Keyboard map file

November 28th, 2008, 01:15 PM
I created a full multimedia map file to be used with the event mapping editor. This is great for the logger.

Includes all 104 keys on a US keyboard
Includes the 18 multimedia keys (browser, launch, volume & media)
Includes the sleep key
Includes both numlock states for keypad keys
Includes the Backslash or inequality signs key found on some keyboards (RT-102 KEY)
Includes VK_OEM_8 which is not found on many keyboards
Includes Right/Left for windows, alt, control, & shift

AltGr shares the same code as Right Alt.

Does not include:

since they do not have virtual keys.

Created for Girder 4 but should work on Girder 5.